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Eagle grabbing a fish from the lake

Moose in the lake

Winter Update
February 1st, 2018

Welcome to our website here at La Tourell's Resort & Outfitters. We hope you find the information on our site helpful. We'll be regularly updating this newsletter with fishing reports, forest conditions, and other helpful information. If you are a regular visitor here or someone that is looking at visiting us for the first time, please feel free to contact us with any other questions you may have. Please also check out our Facebook and Twitter pages

We're busy at this time of year talking with many of your about arrangements for a trip here this summer. Its been great talking to so many of you about your trips and we look forward to your visits. For those of you that are planning on a trip but have not yet contacted us, please feel free to get in touch with us as the permit applications are now being accepted for all areas. Although there will be many dates open for quite some time yet, canoe trip permits should be applied for when you know your dates. Cabin reservations are also quickly filling. Please contact us at your earliest convenience to have your best opportunity to secure your preferred dates.

The winter so far has been fairly typical, with some cold temperatures and snow and a few warmer periods above freezing. The next few days will see highs around zero and lows around 20 below. 33 below has been the coldest temperature so far this winter. We keep seeing more daylight each day, though, so summer is getting closer.

Winter wildlife has been very active lately here around Moose Lake. Some of the species we’ve seen this last week included some pine marten, fisher, mink, and several timberwolves. Many of our bird species do fly south for the winter, but we do have quite a few species that stay. The ravens and many small birds such as the nuthatches, chickadees, Canadian jays, bluejays, and grosbeaks are quite common. We did have a more rare sighting of a huge great grey owl this week as well.

We also have our yearly fleet of used canoes that we're selling available. Give us a call if you are interested in any canoes from the list below.

Souris River
17' Quetico Kevlar: $1500-$1695
18.5 Quetico Kevlar: $1895
16’ Quetico Solo: $1495

Boundary Waters: $1525-$1650
18' Champlain Kevlar: $1550-$1695
18' MN II: $1495-$1625
19' Seneca 3 person with removable middle seat: $1695
20' MN III: $1695
Solo Prism: $1350 Solo Encounter: $1250

We also have some aluminum canoes available from $275 to $450.

Thank you again for visiting our site! We enjoy sharing your experiences to these northwoods our family calls home. We truly appreciate each of your visits with us and look forward to helping you with your vacation plans.